Gymnase, is a training center offering group classes of various intensities, private sessions and programs, along with sports care delivered by health professionals (physiotherapists, osteopaths).

The classes are offered by teachers in various specializations (yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, HIIT, calisthenics, animal flow). All, however, champion the theories and aims of functional training: training the body in all its functions: cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance.


  • Here, everyone takes care of everyone else’s well-being.

  • Training means being able to move easily for a long time.

  • Training is not a way of life, it's as normal as lunch.
    Lunch is not a way of life.

  • We are welcomed at the gymnasium at the beginning of the year.
    It’s a space for big meetings and games.

  • Gymnase, is a stop during your day, a familiar place.

  • We also train to enjoy the rest of our life.





Maude Smith Gagnon

has been offering classes of various intensities for 12 years, focusing on the precision of Pilates and the intensity of CrossFit. Her various trainings allowed her to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the body and posture. She specializes in clients with a particular physical condition (pregnant women, people who have suffered injuries, people with arthritis or tendonitis, etc.).



Sylla robillard

is a trainer, marathon runner and devotee of callisthenics. He is passionate about everything related to body mechanics and health in general. He is also interested in food and its impact on our lives. Co-founder of TRIBARTA, a group dedicated to the development of callisthenics in Quebec, Sylla has completed Can-Fit-Pro's PTS-1 Private Coaching course. He also studied Capoeira with Fogo contramestre, and Thai boxing with Mark Graves. All these disciplines are at the origin of his use of movement sequences in his functional training method.



brigitte vaillancourt

divides her time between writing and yoga, a happy balance that allows for space in both head and body. She has been practicing yoga for about fifteen years. In 2015, she decided to deepen her knowledge by enrolling in the 500-hour faculty training at the Naada studio. This comprehensive coursework offered her the chance to explore other essential dimensions of yoga, such as meditation and pranayama, and to meet seasoned teachers including Richard Rosen, Matthew Remski and Ann Dyer. In addition, she also studied with Lyne St-Roch.