High intensity

Through high intensity intervals, varied formats and a series of functional movements, this course rapidly increases cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and power.



Calisthenics and natural movement

In this course, you will discover how a conscious and methodical approach to using your body weight can lead to an endless universe of exploration. Whether in suspension, on the floor, or on the wall, the varied range of exercises inspired by gymnastics, martial arts and animal walks will allow you to gain as much in functional strength as in mobility and flexibility.



Pilates and posture

Based on the foundations of Pilates, the exercises focus on deep musculature, abdominal strength, joint mobility and good posture habits. The goal is to improve the precision of movement rather than the speed of execution. This course is ideal for people who are often seated and who experience tension in the neck, back and shoulder areas.



Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga

The postures taught will reduce tension and stress, while increasing your vitality. They will help you regain your flexibility and mobility of your joints. The progress in the course is gradual, adapting to the pace of each. Particular attention is paid to the alignment of the body in the postures, and to breathing, in order to favor a general well-being.




These programs, regularly renewed, are designed to improve the balance between the muscle chains. Body weight, dumbbells and various accessories are used to strengthen the whole body.



Force, Mobility, Agility

This course improves the functioning of muscle chains, and the communication between them. It increases joint mobility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. It is a complete training, which integrates aspects of callisthenics and animal flow. It is especially entertaining and very user-friendly.






$17 / class

$140 / 10 classes



Unlimited access:

$300 / 12 weeks ($25 / week)

annual membership available




$70 / private training (bundles of 10 or 20 sessions available)

$150 / program (includes 3 follow-ups)

$100 / physiotherapy or osteopathy session

$90 / massage-therapy session